A Call To Organize

AUGUST 6 -9,2018

$700 million dollars has just been allocated to military spending. The expressed desire for “usable” nuclear weapons makes annihilation an imminently more threatening possibility. The consequences are unfathomable. To prevent this horrific potential from taking place, we must address it.

Coming together as a community, we wish to devote the time and space this issue deserves. For four days between the anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a vigil will take place on the Greenfield Common to bear witness, deepen understanding and take action. Besides focusing on the dangers nuclear weapons pose, we also want to affirm life, imagination and joy. With grassroots creativity, we want to express the magnificence of the world and its cultures. Along side the vigil, individuals and groups are invited to share displays, activities and performances. Related discussion
groups, workshops and events will take place day and evening in other venues throughout Greenfield.

Everyone is invited to participate in helping to create this event. Anyone, whether individually or with a group of friends can join in with their own music, art, readings or whatever. With such diverse input, this multi-faceted event can be truly meaningful in scope and depth, hopefully fostering a change we so desperately need.

Peace Task Force – FCCPR
endorsed by Traprock Peace Center, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice, and NuclearBan.US

with the support of local churches and other groups


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