Grassroots Creativity


Besides focusing on understanding the nuclear threat, this is a 4-DAY FESTIVAL OF LIFE! Everyone is an artist in some way because everyone alive has something to say. The fun is in the diversity of our interests and pursuits. Some are artists in forms that are recognizable; painters, musicians, jugglers, dancers, poets… And please, if that’s you, either as a solo act or group ensemble, bring it, do it, share it. Others have hobbies and interests, pursuits we may not usually think of as art. Maybe you just want to read something you like out-loud. You love your garden or your pet iguana, but can’t bring them to the Common? No problem. How about a photo essay? And if you collect seedpods or hubcaps, how is that art? Well, your love of it comes from a unique heart and
mind. It’s an expression of the human experience, worthy of sharing. OK. There are experienced artists and not so experienced artists. This is a time for everyone to come forward, genius and fledgeling alike. Because GRASSROOTS CREATIVITY is about process. It’s about growth. It’s about expression. It’s about life. So tightrope-walkers and card-trickers, air-guitarists and concert pianists, sculptors and bottle-cap stackers, bring it forward to share on the Common or some other venue around town.

Here’s how to get involved. Go to the contact page and describe what you have or do. Musicians, electric access is questionable, so acoustic works better. Artists would need to set up their own displays and tend to them on the common. Let us know what you have, and we’ll see what can be done.

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