Opportunities For Progressive Groups




Whatever your issue, from health care for all to animal rights and voter or prison reform, this is an opportunity to present speakers, hold workshops, display literature and offer any presentations that your organization has to share. Everything is related to the nuclear threat in that annihilation eliminates the possibility of making a better world. Short of nuclear disaster, the military budget drains the economic resources so needed within your area of concern. So please join us for part or all of the 4 days with literature on the Common and events we can plan. IT would be great to have tables around the Common evidencing a full range of concerns and the Vigil along with Grassroots Creativity activities should attract people who can then learn from what you have to offer.

To join in on the action, go to the contact page and let us know who you are and what you’d like to do. Together we stand strong.

More information coming soon. Please contact us to get involved.

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