Why Vigil?


Daily life in America is demanding. Stress is omnipresent. Within the range of unhealthy consequences such chronic pressure causes, is an inability for us collectively to see the harm our society causes by our priorities and policies. Overwhelmed by stimuli, our efforts become fragmented, as do our very thoughts. Instead of seeing clearly, we glaze our vision to meet the demands of deadlines or putting a meal on the table for our families. Even while constantly surrounded by people, our path’s winding through our daily schedule can be uniquely solitary. Even when we think about pressing current issues, we remain in our thoughts solitary. But there is a strength is being together, focusing together. Like a chorus sustaining a long note, while one pauses to take air, the others sustain the sound. Also sustaining awareness with others, allows mental experience to deepen and broaden.

The issues we face deserve awareness. With the strength and clarity we gain, we can pursue courses of change with a grounded root gained from continuity. Understanding this potential power arising from focus, it becomes clear how distractions and tensions, fragmenting our thoughts, serve to maintain the status quo. The whole 99% vs. 1% economy demands maintaining the status quo. Small wonder that media supporting the 1% generates a steady bombardment of fear. All this is to say that focusing awareness in itself is a radical act, endangering the powers that be. So vigil on.

And there is another reason to vigil; to bear witness.

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